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If your family is a nugget one, surviving a weekend at home can be more stressful that anticipated especially the returning to your dorm or the overall school. If your family is not that type, it might still be somewhat stressful to visit them.

Before leaving the campus for home, leave two or three things unattended so that Sunday night that you arrive back there is something for you to do that will take your mind off the sadness that implies leaving your loved ones behind.

If you have fish, a bird or any other live animal, make sure you take him or her with you back and forth home and the dorm, take the time needed to leave his or her cage or house clean and ready to receive him or her back from your trip. It is definitely not a good idea to leave pet things unattended even if your intention is to keep yourself busy.

What are good things to leave unattended and behind? You can leave your clothes scattered all over the floor; books, pens, pencils, shoes. If you have plants, leave them pre-watered or with a self-watering, scheme like clay or even towels that you will need to clean up before going to bed once you are back.

If you have some sort of refrigerator (even a minibar) you could leave it empty or just with the essentials that will force you to go to the store once you are back. However, this is only acceptable if you return at an early time or if you have home delivery or your convenience store or live on a residential place.

It is not a good idea to leave homework undone because the sadness and longing for home usually are heavy and will cause any student to linger on their duties making them near to impossible to achieve, so do not leave undone homework, papers or studies before leaving home better ask homeworkpay: help with my homework online and free yourself from worries.

Needless to say is that once you are settled on the bus or plane leaving for home, there are little to no longing feelings for school. However, when it is the other way around, they are making themselves present from the very moment when you leave your family at the terminal.

Make sure you have with you your cell phone; text messaging your siblings might help ease the transition from being with them to not being with them. If your parents know how to text message it can also be of assistance.

You can also take a book or a light reading magazine. Avoid novels and other publications that deal with death, love and misfortune. Stay focus on humor publications as jokes.

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