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Chaikin Ultimate Pool Attendants are staffed at pools all over Long Island, with most sites being in Suffolk County!

Daily Procedures for our Pool Attendants

*Chaikin Ultimate Management does not require our pool attendants to have prior experience, every single job requirement is covered in initial hire training!*

  1. Clock in to work and set up the pool area
    1. Take out necessary supplies
    2. Test water chemistry
    3. Skim pool
    4. Vacuum pool
    5. Brush Pool
  2. Adhere to and enforce all pool/site specific rules
  3. Watch the pool and the deck
  4. Hourly maintenance procedures
    1. Skim the pool
    2. Test water chemistry
  5. Keep all patrons of the pool safe
  6. End of day clean up procedures
    1. Skim Pool
    2. Brush Pool
    3. Close Umbrellas/ organize deck furniture
    4. Clock out and go home.

Job Perks

  • Competitive wages
  • Flexible Hours
  • Poolside Job
  • Incentive program
    • Hard work is rewarded
      • Some incentive prizes are Starbucks/Dunkin’ gift-cards, visa gift-card, company merchandise, etc.

Job Requirements

  1. Be at LEAST 18 years of age
  2. Have or be willing to receive a valid CPR certification
  3. Have a means of transportation to get to and from work.

How to Apply

Email makenzy@chaikinultimatepools.com and she will respond with our application which can be done electronically or can be printed out to complete. If you have any questions or concerns you can also email makenzy@chaikinultimatepools.com.

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